Mizz Chavez

One of Detroit's underrated DJ's, who's making her presence felt in the underground dance community.

It began in 2002, when Theresa was just learning to spin records for fun. Before she knew it, she fell in love with mixing, and started playing at friends’ house parties. Between 2002 and 2004, Theresa played local gigs in her home town of Saginaw, as well as Bay City, Michigan. In 2004, Theresa relocated to Detroit, where she soon began working for both IPMradio and New Detroit Radio. Through her work there, Theresa started playing shows in the Detroit area. Among these shows, Theresa has opened for such nationally known artists as Terrence Parker, Aux 88, Terry Mullen, Paul Johnson, Gene Farris, and Adam X. Theresa has also played alongside locals Minx, John Johr, DJ Psycho, and Jeff Woodward, among others. Theresa is an old-school vinyl DJ. However, while staying true to her love of house music, she doesn't want to put a label on her style. She plays house, electro, breaks, techno. She like to infuse different genres together. According to Theresa, “music is one of my true passions in this life. I absolutely love mixing, blending, manipulating the music, and ultimately taking my listeners on a journey." Stay tuned for what's coming up next!


  1. Mizz Chavez - D.E.M.F. 2014
  2. Mizz Chavez - LoveLust Mix
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